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Posted by MichaFrario - January 23rd, 2019


To celebrate PIXEL DAY, my book Pixel Logic is finally out!
I decided to launch my book on PIXEL DAY in honour of Newgrounds

"Pixel-Logic" is a 240 page digital book to help you learn pixel art.
The winners and runner ups will all receive free copies of the book (if they wish)
If you want an exclusive Pixel Day discount ($4 instead of $9), use the coupon code ngpixelday2019

Have fun browsing the wonderful art on NEWGROUNDS <3 !

- Michael



Posted by MichaFrario - May 6th, 2013

After 2 weeks I finished my Pixelated animation based on sonic 2



New Pixel art cartoon!

Posted by MichaFrario - April 7th, 2013


Posted by MichaFrario - December 18th, 2009

There, I made it before Christmas. :D
I finished my flash Bound on Earth :] !
My gift for all those gamers, fans and just everyone I guess :D <3

Click and watch it here!
Bound on Earth ! :D

Earthbound Flash is done!

Posted by MichaFrario - December 12th, 2009

What happend to the old flash I promised?
it got "cancelled" and "delayed"

about a year later, I decided to finish it, and revamp almost everything ,begin november.
I decided to redo some FBF, all backgrounds, and work on it for serious

.......see you in a few days

[/hopes nobody replies to this] :U

Posted by MichaFrario - September 8th, 2008

It's that time of the year again. Just like last time, when I start a new flash I always release the previous one on Youtube. Same thing with my : "Inward Singing" You can rewatch it there if you care, lmao.

However this post is rather made for my third big animation. It'll be a parody of the brilliant underated game Earthbound. Original content, self written script and voiceacting by talented girls : > So no silly existing soundfile or existing jokes!

Here's an image like I'd used to post. And if you have questions ask away lol

Earthbound flash + news

Posted by MichaFrario - February 7th, 2008

: D Go check it out in the flash gallery (wait, stupid bugs, lmao)

It's also on Sheezy if you care =P

Also, Since i'm "not-at-artist", don't expect more flash in a short while. I'm gonna try and improve some things. That's not just drawing, lol

Posted by MichaFrario - January 25th, 2008

Oh my ._.
Flash can be tiring sometimes. It even makes you want to put a project aside and make you want to start something new. That's what I did. I made a new ID for my SheezyArt page, but that's not all.
Working non-stop on a flash really becomes boring. It's been days I didn't work on "Inwards Singing". It wasn't until a big week ago that I started to pick the project up again. I did the 45-50% during the Christmas holidays.

The second week of Holidays I just relaxed and watched Gurren Laggan. But then school began. I'm not saying I have a lot to do. Not at all!~
It's just that working is not having fun. BUT, you can't drop, an give up in life.

So yea 70% done
I think it'll be done around the previous Brawl release, lol 10th feb.

Inward Singing 70% (Tenacious D)

Posted by MichaFrario - December 29th, 2007

Inward Singing is about 50%, but I'm not working on it for awhile since I need a new storyboard. Gonna think about what I could do for the swearing.

Watching Tengan Toppa Gurren Lagann, to get inspiration. I picked up the series quite late, but i'm still enjoying the anime.

Still trying to get 120 stars in galaxy, nearly there. Started to play the game again. I quit playing after mid december at the cap of 60. Lol.

Also, Inward singing will be my last , Tenacious D flash. Seriously, I'm not a flash artist. + I don't want to ruin Myself and tenacious D with a buch of sequels or music videos. What do people want? A Tenacious D collection like Weird Al? Problem is, the D only has 2 albums and most of their songs are shown in HBO episodes and the movie.

.... lol? Wonder what I would do now that I don't make Sprites and Pixelart. =P

Posted by MichaFrario - December 19th, 2007

First of all, the Dio music video from tenacious D is on Youtube : [Click here]
(thanks to mentalmyles for converting :3)

Oh.... and

Jack is back, that's right~

New Tenacious D flash?