New Pixel art cartoon!

2013-05-06 09:11:45 by MichaFrario

After 2 weeks I finished my Pixelated animation based on sonic 2


New Pixel art cartoon!

Still alive

2013-04-07 08:37:01 by MichaFrario


Earthbound Flash is done!

2009-12-18 14:51:15 by MichaFrario

There, I made it before Christmas. :D
I finished my flash Bound on Earth :] !
My gift for all those gamers, fans and just everyone I guess :D <3

Click and watch it here!
Bound on Earth ! :D

Earthbound Flash is done!

What happend to the old flash I promised?
it got "cancelled" and "delayed"

about a year later, I decided to finish it, and revamp almost everything ,begin november.
I decided to redo some FBF, all backgrounds, and work on it for serious

.......see you in a few days

[/hopes nobody replies to this] :U

Earthbound flash + news

2008-09-08 15:34:50 by MichaFrario

It's that time of the year again. Just like last time, when I start a new flash I always release the previous one on Youtube. Same thing with my : "Inward Singing" You can rewatch it there if you care, lmao.

However this post is rather made for my third big animation. It'll be a parody of the brilliant underated game Earthbound. Original content, self written script and voiceacting by talented girls : > So no silly existing soundfile or existing jokes!

Here's an image like I'd used to post. And if you have questions ask away lol

Earthbound flash + news

Inward Singing is out

2008-02-07 04:42:56 by MichaFrario

: D Go check it out in the flash gallery (wait, stupid bugs, lmao)

It's also on Sheezy if you care =P

Also, Since i'm "not-at-artist", don't expect more flash in a short while. I'm gonna try and improve some things. That's not just drawing, lol

Oh my ._.
Flash can be tiring sometimes. It even makes you want to put a project aside and make you want to start something new. That's what I did. I made a new ID for my SheezyArt page, but that's not all.
Working non-stop on a flash really becomes boring. It's been days I didn't work on "Inwards Singing". It wasn't until a big week ago that I started to pick the project up again. I did the 45-50% during the Christmas holidays.

The second week of Holidays I just relaxed and watched Gurren Laggan. But then school began. I'm not saying I have a lot to do. Not at all!~
It's just that working is not having fun. BUT, you can't drop, an give up in life.

So yea 70% done
I think it'll be done around the previous Brawl release, lol 10th feb.

Inward Singing 70% (Tenacious D)


2007-12-29 20:40:42 by MichaFrario

Inward Singing is about 50%, but I'm not working on it for awhile since I need a new storyboard. Gonna think about what I could do for the swearing.

Watching Tengan Toppa Gurren Lagann, to get inspiration. I picked up the series quite late, but i'm still enjoying the anime.

Still trying to get 120 stars in galaxy, nearly there. Started to play the game again. I quit playing after mid december at the cap of 60. Lol.

Also, Inward singing will be my last , Tenacious D flash. Seriously, I'm not a flash artist. + I don't want to ruin Myself and tenacious D with a buch of sequels or music videos. What do people want? A Tenacious D collection like Weird Al? Problem is, the D only has 2 albums and most of their songs are shown in HBO episodes and the movie.

.... lol? Wonder what I would do now that I don't make Sprites and Pixelart. =P

New Tenacious D flash?

2007-12-19 17:43:01 by MichaFrario

First of all, the Dio music video from tenacious D is on Youtube : [Click here]
(thanks to mentalmyles for converting :3)

Oh.... and

Jack is back, that's right~

New Tenacious D flash?