Entry #9

New Pixel art cartoon!

2013-05-06 09:11:45 by MichaFrario

After 2 weeks I finished my Pixelated animation based on sonic 2



New Pixel art cartoon!


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2013-05-06 10:19:35


MichaFrario responds:

cheers! :)


2013-05-06 12:55:07

Well done man.

MichaFrario responds:

thanks a lot bro :]


2013-05-06 13:32:23

do you have a youtube channel?

(Updated ) MichaFrario responds:

Yes! http://www.youtube.com/user/Ensig nPixeler


2013-05-07 04:24:49

twtwtwtwoo---two? Two weeks? It took you only two weeks to make this make this masterful animation? What about the backgrounds and sound editing and everything? God I would love you to be my mentor.

MichaFrario responds:

Yeah, 2.5 weeks with some days where I took a break, and drew/animated personal stuff.
The backgrounds were done by my Buddy Foretrekker. I gave him a loose speedpainting of the backgrounds and he collaborated with me. Sound editing took 1 day. There wasn't muich sound.
If you ever need help, feel free to message me! :] Don't worry!


2013-05-09 07:36:14

Really enjoyed that, as a fan of both sonic and pixel animation, keep at it!

MichaFrario responds:

:'D !!! Thanks bro


2013-05-25 21:10:01

How did you only spend a week on this?

MichaFrario responds:

two weeks*
Yeah, I collaborated with my friend ForeTrekker