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Hey you're reading this?!... I already think you're pretty cool,then! c:

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You suck :)

oh byycakes! you know you love it c;

i not can review with a 10 because i are banned for review, is a exelent work of animation and synch with sound, nice shades, i live the moment of the rotation frame by frame

't was done last year, back when the animation was just a draft (i started it again last november)
here have a look : http://sheezyart.com/art/view/189 2976/

XD I loved it. yo put to the point that jeff sucks without the bottle rockets. And that most enemies waste turns. But still it was so funny!



Love it.

Really cool flash, loved the animation and colors. You own!

Awesome! c:

also Hi Micheal ;O

Aves!: :o i didn't expect you here!

right on! You did a great job on this.
I'm totally not envious or anything about how nice it looks

I second the idea of making a cool Mad Duck Fell Down wallpaper.

next one, do about pigmasks :D

you mean ...Mother 3? :o?

This parody just makes you want to play the game again.Nice job!

"it's like finding a friggin hamburger in a trash can"

I'm going to remember this simile and use it in regular conversations.

xD lol

Hey i got banned from pixeltendo.

Pixeltendo died about a year ago anyways. but i left the place anyways, I hang out on facebook and sheezyart. i still visit TSR regrualy.

Thanks for doing a non sprite tribute for earthbound, i was searching for something like this since a very long time, "Bound on Earth" is the best animated tribute of mother 2 i've seen until now !! congrats for the 1st place, you deserve it.

pd: if you have some time, plz watch my clip DEIMOS , its not a direct tribute of eathbound but you will see the the similarity.

i thought the same thing "how come there isn't any animation of it? (aside japanese parodies)

nd i watched and it daaaaaamn <3 that's the poo bit right there :D
and man your art is good <3 got a bigger gallery than just here on NG?

Thanks for the compliments dude! ehm about the bigger gallery.. not really but you can always watch my web portfolio at <a href="http://www.imp.260mb.com">www.imp.260mb.com</a>
im working in a new submision for christmas, i can send you a pm when is ready if you like, i think is going very well, and i hope it to win something xD (i need money xP)

Spankety, spankety, spankety! :)

wait .....i think i remember that quote from the game.......is it?

This is great! Need more Earthbound stuff! Especially good non-sprited stuff! So, phase one of OPERATION EARTHBOUND TAKEOVER is to make as many EB flash's as possible!

Get on it!

sorry but i'm stopping here :I

Yeah it's from the game. Pokey says it.

dit was erg goed
goed gedaan friend