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Earthbound flash + news

Posted by MichaFrario - September 8th, 2008

It's that time of the year again. Just like last time, when I start a new flash I always release the previous one on Youtube. Same thing with my : "Inward Singing" You can rewatch it there if you care, lmao.

However this post is rather made for my third big animation. It'll be a parody of the brilliant underated game Earthbound. Original content, self written script and voiceacting by talented girls : > So no silly existing soundfile or existing jokes!

Here's an image like I'd used to post. And if you have questions ask away lol

Earthbound flash + news


Which girls?
Is Rina-Chan on the job?
That would be awesome. She's great.

Also, if you need a male voice actor, send me a PM.

Picture looks nice btw.
Stylish background. :D
Funny dude. :D

Well I posted auditions in the Voice actors club forums, Got one nicknamed Ellie and Sapphire.
No not Rina-chan. She's like in every flash on NG, it's starting to get repetitive. And she's so popular, it's INCREDIBLY hard to contact her :( How could I possibly contact her, i'm not even known. However she does a good job at her thing.

Well here the thread if you even feel bored and wanna give a try (kid voice though, lmao) : http://voiceacting.proboards62.co m/index.cgi?board=general&action=
display&thread=10299&page=1#12195 08441

and thankies C: !
Glad you like it

The art in the screenshot looks really good. I likey. :3

Glad you like it : >

I'll try to make my flashes cleaner and better. I hate my old work XD

Send me the updated swf now ! xD

I'll talk to you on MSN, k?


Rina chan is friendly and usually helps newcomers if they've got proof of good quality, I mean I'm sure that screenshot would be enough. However I agree, new female vocal talent needs to be uncovered cos it's very noticeabkle when it's her voice and change is welcome.

That art looks amazing so I hope it delievers into animation. Earthbound is worthy or being a great flash, I'm glad someone is touching on a franchise that isn't Mario, Sonic or Zelda, those three have just been so boring.

God I've rambled and ranted, but seriously looks pretty good, I hope it does well.

I know she's friendly. Even close friends of mine contact her easily and know her well. And just like I wrote in the previous post : she does her job very well.

It's kinda the same with Tomamoto. The guy's voice is awesome, but starting to be heard everywhere :(

And thanks :) I recently played Earthbound and really got hooked. And on top of that I realized NOT A SINGLE drawn flash of the game was made. And I like to that "spot" XD

Nah it's ok, I don't see how you ranted :) You've been nice after all!

cool, i want to see it soon XD

i miss u